Den of Thieves: How to reach the locked Lumenspar

Lumenspar is a new collectible item that was introduced to Genshin Impact during the 2.6 update. This shiny, blue crystal is needed in order to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant. The higher the level of the Adjuvant, the easier it will be to get rid of the black mud in the Chasm. Travelers who have unlocked the Dragonspine area might find this material similar to the Crimson Agate.

Lumenspar are easy to find as their location appears on the mini-map whenever you get close. However, one of them is locked behind a gate and there is no way to open the gate from within the Chasm.

In this guide we’ll be covering the steps you need to take to find another passage.

How to reach the locked Lumenspar

In order to reach the Lumenspar, travelers must first find the Den of Thieves. In order to do so, you’ll need two map fragments. Both of these can be found in treasure hoarder camps in and around the chasm.

Fragment 1

The first fragment of the map can be found in the Chasm itself. Teleport to the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel and head northeast from there. You’ll find an area where there’s a single Treasure Hoarder relaxing by himself. The map fragment is inside the camp, pinned to one of the wooden structures. When you go in, the Treasure Hoarders may try to fight you but you can simply take the fragment and then leave.

Fragment 2

To obtain the second fragment, you’ll first have to finish the world quest Undetected Infiltration. In this, you’ll have to help a group of Millileth soldiers take down three Treasure Hoarder camps. Once finished, in the last camp, you’ll find the Cup of Commons as well as the second map fragment.

The Den of Thieves

Now that you have both the map fragments, open your inventory. You’ll now be able to see the location of the Den of Thieves.

Follow the location to another Treasure Hoarder camp in Glaze Peak. Over there, under a tent, you’ll find a bunch of explosives as well as Treasure Hoarders. Blow up the explosives in order to reveal a trap door. When you go through the trap door, you’ll find yourself inside the Chasm and behind the locked gate with the Lumenspar.


For finding your way into the Den of Thieves, you’ll unlock an achievement with a similar name. You’ll also get a Lumenspar as well as one Precious chest and one

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