The Other Side of Isle and Sea World Quest Guide

The Other Side of Isle and Sea is another Limited World Quest that the Midsummer Island Adventure Event offers to build up the lore of the inhabitants of the archipelago.

This world quest opens up after you observe one of the murals in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Here are the quest rewards:

  • 40 Primogems
  • 350 Adventure Rank EXP
  • 3 Hero’s Wits
  • 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 30,000 Mora

Note: You have to go up to the mural until you see the Observe notification. The quest directions will continue to tell you to look for other murals if you don’t go up to them. 

One of the murals you’ll find is in the Minacious Isle. Head to the mountain right of the isle’s waypoint and glide down the bottom of the mountain. There’s also a hilichurl and large ameno slime on top of the mountain

This mural below you’ll find on the Twinning Isle in the mountain south of the waypoint when you glide down from the waypoint.  After gliding down just follow the path to the mural. You’ll encounter one Electro Hilichurl Shooter, one Pyro Hilichurl Shooter and a Hilichurl Fighter looking at the mural. After defeating them you will have to fight off one Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl, one Pyro Hilichurl Shooter, and another Hilichurl Fighter.

The next mural you’ll find on the other Nameless Isle to the right of the Twinning Isle and above the isle with the Maguu Kenki. You can teleport to the Twinning Isle and get your boat from the waverider summoning point and sail west to the Nameless Isle. The mural will be in a hole in the mountain next to a hilichurl camp on the left and the third mini harpastum wall for the timed challenge nearby on the right of it.  

The next mural is south of the Broken Isle waypoint. You’ll have to glide down from the waypoint and follow the diverging path. You’ll find it in the cave covered by the mini harpastum game.

Once you complete the mini-game there is one large Geo slime, a smaller Geo slime, and a Hydro frog mimic inside the cave for you to fight off. Aside from the enemies, there is some crystal and white iron ore inside along with the mural.   

This last mural you’ll find on the Nameless Isle on the World Quest A Trip Through Fog and Wind. 

After collecting all five murals you’ll have to go back to Mondstadt to talk to a researcher. They’ll help with deciphering the story of the murals. After talking with the researcher about the murals the quest will be complete. Next, there’s even more treasure!

One of the murals depict the level of water you have to fill up at the five pools around the isles:

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