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How to Unlock to Suigetsu Pool Domain

Unlocking domains can be a challenge from figuring out the pattern to the elemental monuments to stepping on panels. Here’s how to unlock the Suigetsu Pool Domain next to the Hydro Hypostasis.  First, pay...

Kaboomball Kombat 0

Kaboomball Kombat Guide

Genshin Impact has new challenges every update from battling bosses to digging up treasure coins. Kaboomball Kombat in the Golden Apple Archipelago is no exception. Here’s what you need to know about the Kaboomball...

They Who Hear the Sea World Quest Guide 0

They Who Hear the Sea World Quest Guide

The Midsummer Island Adventure brings a lot of long quests and fun events. Most of all, it brings its own lore in the Echoing Conches portion of the new area for the Echoing Tales...