Yachimatahime’s Trial Quest Guide

Yachimatahime’s Trial is the last part of the world quest series Erebos’ Secret. Once finished, travellers will finally be able to learn the secrets of Enkanomiya as well as Teyvat. This is the trial of insight and will depend on your memory as well as your ability to place things.


In order to unlock the trial, traveller’s must finish the following quests

Reaching the Trial

To find the trial, teleport to the Evernight temple. From there, find the pool with the Emanant Skylight. Once again, like other trials, you’ll first have to defeat the Bathysmal Vishaps roaming around the pool. There will be three of them. When they’re gone, teleport into the Skylight and it will take you up to the challenge area known as Yachimatahime’s Locus.

Make sure to unlock the waypoint and then talk to the Sinshade, Eki. He will allow you to take the trial and the gateway will be unlocked.

Yachimatahime’s Trial

This trial is a trial of insight. This means, as long as you keep sprint away really fast or have a sturdy shield, you won’t have to fight.

Head on over to the pool marked on the map and investigate the water. When you do, you will see flashes of the places where the Flames of the High Gates are. Remembering these images, you’ll have to find the four Flames and release them. Marked below in the map are all four locations.

Collect all the Flames and go to Eki. With this, Yachimatahime’s Locus will be completed.

Erebos’ Acceptance

After finishing all the trials, go back to the Serpent’s Heart and find Erebos. She will acknowledge you as the true hero of Enkanomiya. Now, you’ll be able to ask her questions related to Orobashi, Teyvat as a whole, Enkanomiya and the Dainichi Mikoshi.


For finishing all the trials, you’ll receive 40 Primogems, 3 Hero’s Wit, 30,000 Mora and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

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